Research Interests

    My research goals focus on the development of autonomous systems for engineering and life sciences in the face of system uncertainties and nonlinearities. To this end, my research interests include stability of nonlinear dynamical systems, nonnegative dynamical systems, hybrid dynamical systems, absolute stability theory, nonlinear adaptive control, neural network and intelligent control, adaptive disturbance rejection, adaptive fault tolerant control, adaptive switching control, adaptive signal processing, adaptive estimation and system identification, adaptive discrete-time and sampled-data control, and amplitude and rate saturation control. Applied areas of interest include vibration control of large-scale space structures, underactuated control of nonholonomic robotic systems and mechanical manipulators, adaptive control for drug delivery systems, modeling and control of biological/physiological systems, active control of combustion processes, rigid-body attitude control, and coordinated multi-body aerospace vehicles for formation flying and rendezvous.

Tomohisa Hayakawa